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Friday’s Hairy Eyeball: Takashi Murakami meets Hollywood, Adbusters campiagn for media democracy, Turner Prize at Tate Britain deemed tame


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Welcome to Friday’s Hairy Eyeball, a weekly round up of art news and culture posts from the www.

Adbusters continues their campaign for media democracy with a series of ‘subvertisements’ aimed at disrupting the promotion of over-consumption and attacking the legitimacy of advertising. The campaign, which AdBusters are hoping to pay to air like any other ad had thus far been rejected by networks like Fox and MTV. [via Adbusters]

ArtObserved posts a refreshing interview with Xavier Veilhan on his current Chateau Versailles showings. Represented by Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, Veilhan was a staple of the Miami vista for a short time. [via ArtObserved]

The Artist and the Director. East meets West meets Kirsten Dunst as a Japanese pop artist Takashi Murakami collaborates with Hollywood director McG for a short film. [via The Wall Street Journal]

Miranda July creates a series of photographs to imitate and bring attention to the extras in iconic movies [via Vice]

Vive la France! British artist Tracy Emin threatens to ditch the UK in favor of France over top tax rate. [via The Guardian]

No gore please, we’re British. Turner Prize at Tate Britain bores visitors due to lack of expected blood, elephant dung, outrage etc. [via Bloomberg] in related Enrico David, Roger Hiorns, Lucy Skaer and Richard Wright shortlisted for Turner Prize 2009. Winner is to be announced December 7th [Turner Prize 2009]

City Hall unveils effort to support artists. The Bloomberg administration announces plan to give nonprofit cultural groups access to gallery and theater space in city owned buildings and parks. [via crain's]

A look at Chinese artists the Gao brothers who are shocking their country with brave, politically challenging art works. [via The New York Times]

Reflection on economic times versus art work prices reveals (as we knew already) that some prices go up, while some, like Italian Maurizio Cattelan (despite his lack of production), thrive. [via The Economist]

A telling interview with Damien Hirst: his influences, unusual artistic paths and mediums to come [via The Times Online] in related Hirst informs the BBC of his plan to ditch large scale installations in favor of painting by applying oil to the canvas with his hands [via BBC] and in related the FT reports that Hirst lays staff, closes studios and is even making his own work. His galleries of course give no comments on the unsold works worth millions [via The Financial Times]

New art fair in Abu Dhabi attacts top sellers while other fairs lose exhibitors. [via Lindsay Pollock] in related 28 as opposed to 40 exhibitors have pulled out of the Frieze Art Fair, yet despite the equally disappointing numbers, lesser known galleries now get a shot at a slot [via The Telegraph]

A Swedish dealer is accused of faking works by heavyweight modernists such as Georges Braque, Alberto Giacometti, Edvard Munch, and Egon Schiele [via Artnet]

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Friday’s Hairy Eyeball: Takashi Murakami meets Hollywood, Adbusters campiagn for media democracy, Turner Prize at Tate Britain deemed tame