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The Sunday Video: Clifton Childree

This weeks Sunday Video comes courtesy of Miami based filmmaker/artist Clifton Childree. In the first of what will hopefully be a long lived if not sporadic theme of Sunday Videos curated by Miami’s most likely individuals, Childree, famous for his monochromatic Vaudeville-esq films (The Flew, 1996 – 2003) and ramshackle installations (DREAM-CUM-TRU at Locust Projects Miami in 2008 and MIAMUH SWAMP AVENTURE at Pulse Art Fair New York in 2009 both thanks to the Austrian gallerist and cultural philanthropist Ernst Hilger) after much late-night deliberation over “silly” clips made the following selection based on his preference for two types of videos – goofy bloopers and short experimental films.

While dedicated readers should hopefully understand by now the gist of our Sunday Videos, other less seasoned and even accidental surfers might ponder why a blog purported to focus squarely on the critical appraisal of contemporary art is airing videos that prompt little if any discussion or enjoyment. But, in our defense, what really can be said about a guy on a cell phone that gets hit in the head with a golf ball at a tournament and falls to the ground sporting an obvious erection, or a yummy short film with no intellectual baggage whatsoever?

Guy pops a boner after getting hit in the head with a golf ball.

Mary Jane’s Mishap (1903)

These videos were contributed by Clifton Childree and posted by Thomas Hollingworth.

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The Sunday Video: Clifton Childree