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Hump Day Cool Finger: kanYe West’s taste in art


What Homer Simpson & Super Mario would look like in real life. Click HERE for more pics…

This week’s Hump Day Cool Finger is positioned to open a self reflective dialogue by taking a brief look at Kanye West’s blog. Quite possibly the ultimate in big throbbing cool fingers, Kanye West’s blog, updated around eight times a day no doubt by a team of carefully vetted culture geeks, by and large acts as a divining rod for all that is ‘fresh’. His tastes are popularist at best, terribly boring, infantile and obvious at worst. If its been in the media or has even the faintest trace of being hyped by controversy, the use of new technology or if the artist in question is associated with either fashion, music or ‘it’ mores you can pretty much guarantee to find it among Kanye West’s pages. Ironically many use this website as a resource to define their own interests, making Kanye West by definition, whether intimately involved in his publication or not, the master of cultural scoops. Regardless of the possibility that all he maybe scooping is poop, however, the power vested in his pervasive tastes by those who read his blog are, by virtue of his being merely an observer like the rest of us, limited. Over and above the usual dedications to KAWS, Damien Hirst, Ron Mueck etc there is really nothing remarkable, notable or enjoyable about what Kanye West perpetuates, but rather than curtail, biasedly chronicle or butcher the meat of Kanye West’s art world more than we can in one characteristically amorphous paragraph we empower you the reader with your own magnifying glass so that you might venture forth into these well trafficked waters to detect, obsess and infer with a mixture of horror and pity at the present, seemingly irreversible momentum of our crashing predilections.  Not wholly convinced by our argument? Take stock of the comment section of Kanye West’s blog, which inadvertently serves to document a volume of actively engaged nothingness large enough to rival Facebook.

Go forth and stultify HERE

This post was contributed by Thomas Hollingworth.



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Hump Day Cool Finger: kanYe West’s taste in art