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Hump Day Cool Finger: John Waters The Girls Porcelain Collector Plates

The Girls Plates John Waters

John Waters’ ‘The Girls’ porcelain collector plates. From left to right: Kim, Kathy, Tina.

This weeks Hump Day Cool Finger features John Waters’ ‘The Girls’ porcelain collectors plates from the recent archives of Coolhunting. Posted by non other than Evan Orensten, Coolhunting’s Executive Director, who considering his attention to this weeks item ironically states:

“I’ve never understood why companies strive for the lowest common denominator instead of offering products and services that are well designed, easy to use and inspirational” he adds “I love New York City.”

On the subject of these extortionate trinkets he continues to put his name to the following:

“You’d be hard pressed to find a better medium for John Waters’ own unique brand of trashy chic than the porcelain collector plate. Thanks to the NYC-based Adora Porcelain, the perfect pairing exists in the form of three plates, each adorned with one of Waters’ photos of his “muses,” Barbie-like dolls decked out with bouffants and thick black eye makeup. Limited to an edition of 300, the 10¼” plates are numbered and signed by the artist. The set of three is $650, available online from the Orange County Musuem store. Check the Adora site for availability at select locations in New York (including Nest Interiors), Toronto and Paris, as well as through Adora directly.”

We all know that John Waters made trash films, but this takes the biscuit. Considering the rampant soullessness of this line of crockery mockery in contrast to his brilliant cinematography its surprising that Waters, 63, isn’t dead yet, or more accurately its sad that he isn’t dead yet because this revelation in suggested mastication certainly cheapens his oeuvre. As if he hasn’t made enough money improving the world by expanding our capacity for flagrant smut, transvestism and niche musicals (Hairspray grossed 8 million domestically), in his latter years he has to aid its degradation by  sanctioning the production of collectible pottery. Sure they are nice, but that’s the point – vomit! Perhaps such material waffle will be reasonably tolerated of his estate posthumous, but for a living legend like himself we found this to be truly disappointing[.]

This post was contributed by Thomas Hollingworth.

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Hump Day Cool Finger: John Waters The Girls Porcelain Collector Plates