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Friday’s Hairy Eyeball: Andy Warhol Collection Stolen, Adolf Hitler Paintings Sold, Damien Hirst Wants Twins


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Woven amongst the usual Soma of sour puss this-and-that this week is a definite theme of naughtiness. As worldwide financial troubles manifest in a broad range of desperate crimes from petty theft and forgery to million dollar heists, the art world’s manic leg gnawing goes public and those in a position to profit take what they can carry before the search light falls.

Police in LA report that a multi million dollar Warhol collection has been stolen from a private residence. [via BBC]

In related $1million is being offered for a lead to locating the “Athletes” series by Andy Warhol from Richard Weisman’s collection that has been stolen from the collector’s Los Angeles residence [via Telegraph]

Three paintings believed to have been painted by Adolf Hitler in his youth as a struggling artist were sold at Weidler’s auction house, Germany, for a total of $60,000 to three phone bidders [via The New York Times]

Two Sorolla paintings that were illegally confiscated by the Cuban government are shown at directors risk at The Museo National del Prado’s [via Reuters]

A 17-year old artist named Cartrain who stole pencils from a Damien Hirst installation [via The Independent] has been stripped of his artwork for incorporating Hirst’s ideas into his collages [via ArtObserved]

In related “You can be immortalized in an artwork” says Damien Hirst in an attempt to cagoule identical twins to be apart of a forthcoming work for Tate Modern [via Guardian]

In Miami’s Biscayne Times this month a telling story on the plight of oak trees in the Design District which are being threatened by the new de la Cruz collection’s carpark. [via BT]

After a 40 year wait, artist Bruce Nauman realizes skywriting project in Pasadena, reading Leave the Land Alone [via Los Angeles Times]

A man in posession of over a thousand fake Giacometti bronzes is arrested by German police [via Art Market Monitor]

Bill Viola declines invitation by Pope Benedict XVI to a culture summit positioned to reconcile spirituality and artistic expression on grounds that he disagrees with policies put forth by the Vatican and the Catholic Church [via Artnet]

Kara Walker’s participation in Whitney Biennial is documention of an email thread detailing the artist’s refusal to participate [via Artnet]

Tony Shafrazi, art terrorist [via Artnet]

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Friday’s Hairy Eyeball: Andy Warhol Collection Stolen, Adolf Hitler Paintings Sold, Damien Hirst Wants Twins