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The Sunday Video: Turning the Place Over by Richard Wilson

Via [with interjections by ARTLURKER in brackets]

“[Apparently] the most daring piece of public art ever commissioned in the UK, Turning the Place Over is [purported to be] artist Richard Wilson’s most radical intervention into architecture to date, [where by] turning [a blind eye to the recent history of contemporary art] a building in Liverpool’s city center [stands not only as a testament to his lack of imagination, rudimentary 21st century technologies and the frequent misplacement of cultural funding, but specifically as an apparent homage to the work of the late Gordon Matta Clark whom if alive would surely be foaming at the mouth and seeking to turn Wilson] inside out. One of Wilson’s very rare temporary works, Turning the Place Over colonizes Cross Keys House, Moorfields. It runs in daylight hours, triggered by a light sensor.” –

Courtesy of Liverpool Biennial TV

This post was contributed by Thomas Hollingworth.



  • Mister Arrow

    Wow, that was beautiful and daring!
    I wonder how many hungry people he could have fed with the money he spent making this project?
    Who cares! this project gave me the sense of what a hunger induced hallucination must feel like. It was like an empty hole in the pit of my stomach gnawing with hunger.

  • Ivan Pope

    Well, you can be negative. What I see is a huge attempt to subvert the expected. Seeing a part of a building rotate has to fall within the ambit of art, or art is nothing. And imaginative – well, of course. How is it not? Would you have dared to propose this, or to engineer it? Or to raise the money to achieve it? It is a free public spectacle, sometimes these change lives. To link it to the presence of hunger in the world is the action of the philistine down the ages, as if you cannot have art while there is hunger, or that hungry people do not appreciate art.

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The Sunday Video: Turning the Place Over by Richard Wilson