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The Sunday Video: Pole Shift by Damon Zucconi

This weeks Sunday Video is from the Vimeo archive of Damon Zucconi, an artist whose varied and fast-growing body of work includes browser-based projects such as Sometimes Red, Sometimes Blue, video such as Untitled (SONY) as well as inter-disciplinary installations and expanded performances, all of which interrupt the marketing campaigns of everything from ideas to TV shows and, in so doing, interrogate the production and circulation of visual information.

Pole Shift from Damon Zucconi on Vimeo.

Now check out this voluminous interview from NY Arts Magazine between Damon Zucconi and Harm van den Dorpel. The format, a straight transcription from gchat, allows them to vacillate between casual conversation and more thoughtful reflections on their work. Published in early 2008 this interesting and valuable read is reminiscent of (Mc)2, a writing collaboration between Mark Clintberg and Mark Coetzee that some folks in Miami might be familiar with.


Via Rhizome with thanks to Lauren Cornell.

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The Sunday Video: Pole Shift by Damon Zucconi