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The Sunday Video: Miljenko “Dino” Dvornik

This week’s Sunday Video serves to disseminate Miljenko “Dino” Dvornik, a Croatian musician, actor and reality television star born August 20th, 1964 in Split, Croatia.

Despite his father Boris’ successful acting career, both Dino and his brother were forced as children to generate extra income by playing roles in ’70s movies and TV shows, most notably Naše Malo Misto (1970), an homage to Croatian writer, journalist and fellow ‘Splitter,’ the humorist Miljenko Smoje.

In the ’80s Dino founded Kineski Zid, a pop band that promoted funk music. Gradually he built his popularity with a combination of witty songs and energetic stage performances. In August 1989 Dino Dvornik married Daniela Kuljiš, with whom he has a daughter Ela. In the ’90s Dino turned his back on funk and humorous lyrics in favor of techno. Over the course of the last two decades his struggle with substance abuse has been featured frequently in Croatian media, which served to propagate an anecdote that asserted he should should receive the respect of all people because ‘no one succeeded in taking of the drugs so many times’.

In 2004 Dino branched out into acting, starring as a Split based narco boss in the Croatian movie A Wonderful Night in Split. And it was in the same year that he became among the very first Croatian celebrities to start writing a blog. An endeavor that his wife and daughter soon joined him in. In 2006, Dino and his family became the stars of a Croatian reality show Dvornikovi (The Dvorniks), which was modeled after The Osbournes. In 2008 Dino worked on his new album “Pandoras Box.”

On August 9th, 2008, Miljenko “Dino” Dvornik was found dead in bed by his wife Daniela. He has passed away in his sleep at around 11am.

Dino Dvornik – Ti si mi u mislima.

Discography * 1989 Dino Dvornik * 1990 Kreativni nered * 1993 Priroda i društvo * 1994 Live In Muenchen * 1997 Enfant terrible * 1998 The Best of, Vidi ove pisme * 1999 Big Mamma * 2002 Svicky * ? Pandorina kutija

Also check out this video featuring Dino Dvornik contemporary and fellow Croatian Tebi Pripadam found on the website of VVORK’s Aleksandra Domanovic.

This post was contributed by Thomas Hollingworth.


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The Sunday Video: Miljenko “Dino” Dvornik