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A word for our sponsors…

Your Ad as it will appear on 200 words or less may be applied below for free.

With the decline of printed media, advertisers now recognize that the radio and the internet are the best means of reaching potential clients. In response to this, ARTLURKER, having garnered significant local, national and international traffic is now offering integrated advertisement opportunities.

Designed specifically for the purpose of regular business and product endorsements and the promotion of one off events and exhibitions, ARTLURKER’s sponsorship policy will display an underwriter’s message prominently on the website at prescribed intervals.

These advertisements, announced as “a word from our sponsor,” will appear exactly like our regular posts and take the form of an image which can be hyperlinked. In addition we offer 200 words at no additional charge.

Integrating advertisements in this way not only preserves ARTLURKER’s elegant layout, but ensures directed attention – unlike traditional Banner Ads that either fade into the periphery or annoyingly detract from the content of the host website.

Interested? For more information please download our PDF

Already have a project in mind? Send us a brief message and we will be in touch.

Kind regards,

The team at ARTLURKER.


A word for our sponsors…