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The Blueberry Show: Tonight at Terri and Donna


Terri and Donna, 153 NW 36th Ave., Miami.

Over on NW 36th Street a new gallery is making a name (or two) for itself. Those who haven’t yet been to Terri and Donna on one hand have only missed one show, on the other need to play some serious catch-up to get up to speed with what is fast becoming be quite a hot little number.

The gallery, a new space for contemporary art that exists somewhere between Stéphane Mallarmé’s La Dernière Mode (1) and Marcel Broodthaers’ Musee d’Art Moderne (2) – between glamorous fiction and the ‘idea’ of a gallery – opened on April 11th with the inaugural exhibition Craig, Greg, Gladys? Featuring work by Clayton Deutsch, Pio Gramont, Davis Rhodes, Georgia Sagri and Nic Xerdo the show was positioned to explore the notion of ‘artistic identity’ as the vehicle through which artists exist. But that show is now over so if you missed it then that’s just too bad. And even if you didn’t miss it, after quaffing your share of the straight vodka at the opening and choking on the abnormally verbose press release there is every chance that you would still feel as though you had missed something.



Moving along, their next show – which opens tonight and is accompanied by equally impenetrable literature - is called The Blueberry Show and in addition to paintings from Lee Anderson and Christian Schoeler it includes an installation in which the aptly named Will Graper has painted the entire gallery – walls, floors, ceiling, doorknobs, lights, toilet, sink, mirror, EVERTYHING – high-gloss white and emptied 200 pints of blueberries on to the floor that we are all free to grub around in. And as if the thought of this isn’t temptation enough, at 9:30pm artist Nic Xedro is set to stage a special dance (presumably on the berries) worthy performance.


Lee Anderson, On An Island In Maine (2009).

The exhibition/spectacle that is The Blueberry Show is apparently aimed at propping up the classical tripartite model of intentionality by which content flows directly and freely from artist to viewer through the medium of art. Whether sloshing around on fruit does that for you these days or not we recommend that you go and take some friends. And if you wind up feeling a bit threatened by the heady theoretical premises touted by this ‘edgy’ new gallery, or overwhelmed by the confusing rough and ready yet learned atmosphere, then hopefully you’ll come away with the sense that at the very least there is something here to ‘get’ (apart from really really messy).


Image courtesy of Will Graper.

Owing to South Floridian climes it is unknown exactly how long the Blueberries can stave the inevitability of their decomposition and/or infestation so we advise you assume this is a one night only event; after which, under a seemingly unrelated title, the other newly non-sequitious works will no doubt remain, gaining mystique as each day and the lingering stench of tannins passes[.]
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(1) La Dernière Mode was a magazine Stéphane Mallarmé wrote entirely by himself throughout 1874 in which he made up a number of fictional authors writing on topics such as theater, opera, dance, music, food, interior decoration, fashion and fashion theory.

(2) Musee d’Art Moderne was a project where, through hyperbole and parody, Marcel Broodthaers created a fake museum in his apartment in Brussels in 1968 in order to “articulate the frame” and examine the ways it produced meaning.


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The Blueberry Show: Tonight at Terri and Donna