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TM Sisters, I Deal Tonight, 2009 (detail). Mixed media and electricity.

This evening from 5 – 8pm the Aesthetics & Values 2009 exhibition (March 16th – April 10th) at The Gallery at Green Library (Green Library, 2nd Floor, FIU Campus, 11200 SW 8th Street, Miami, FL 33139) will hold a reception. The exhibition which features work from Ray Azcuy, Brian Burkhardt, COOPER, Julie Davidow, Edouard Duval-Carrié, Jacek Kolasinski, Mark Koven, Ralph Provisero, Sara Stites, and Rubén Torres Llorca was curated by FIU Honors College Students of the Aesthetics & Values class, a yearlong course taught under the guidance of artist and professor, John Bailly. The exhibition is an annual exhibition that is executed solely by students in the class and will run until April 10th.

Ralph Provisero, Pennypincher, 2009.

This annual exhibition provides students with the opportunity to demonstrate their resourcefulness and creativity through the research, curation, and organization of an on-campus exhibition of contemporary Miami artists. After forming committees (Exhibition, Fundraising, and Public Relations) and assuming personal tasks (designing a website, soliciting funds, preparing a press release, etc), students are responsible for coordinating all aspects of the exhibition, including selecting artists, securing funding, negotiating gallery space, working with university administration, and managing local media.

Mark Koven, Wing Blown 1, 2009.

The most recent and notable instance of the class affecting Miami’s art scene was a week in January this year when members of the class curated a group exhibition entitled Shapeshifted in collaboration with Dorsch Gallery for which the students responded to the previous month’s exhibition, Shapeshifter. In Wynwood, Aesthetics & Values 2009 artist Julie Davidow (noted above) is currently enjoying the last few days of her solo exhibition ‘Diagrams for a Seismic Bioscape’ at Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts Gallery (pictured below). Also at Lowenstein is an exhibition of sculptures by Luis Alonzo Barkigia entitled ‘Inanimate Survey of Male Potential.’ Exhibitions close April 5th.

Installation view of Julie Davidow’s Diagrams for a Seismic Bioscape.

The reception of the Aesthetics & Values 2009 exhibition this evening is followed by the Frost Art Museum’s Steven & Dorothea Green Critic’s Lecture at 8pm (10975 SW 17th Street at FIU ), which today will be by Ann Hamilton, an internationally recognized visual artist and MacArthur fellow who is best known for her creations of edifying large scale multi media installations and her representation of the United States at the 1999 Venice Biennale.

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TM Sisters, She said as long as you run with me, 2009 (still). Digital video.

Forcing the Miami arts public to make a difficult choice today, South Florida’s sibling art powerhouse the TM Sisters (Tasha and Monica López De Victoria) will stage a collaborative live performance with the band Mod’lone at 7pm at the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood as part of the closing weekend of their exhibition, IDEALTONIGHT, the pair’s first institutional solo show. The work of the TM Sister ranges from site specific museum and gallery installations in a variety of media (in particular collage) to videos and live performances. The forthcoming performance is free to attend and runs from 7 – 10pm. The exhibition IDEALTONIGHT runs until April 5th. For more information please click here.

TM Sisters, I got bruises on my knees for you, 2009 (still). Digital video.

Looking into the future a few months, the TM Sisters, winners of this year’s Hilger Artist Project Award, a generous initiative to support Miami artists made possible by collector, gallerist and scholar Ernst Hilger in association with Locust Projects begin working toward an exhibition that will culminate in September – opening September 12th and closing October 13th. During this time (July/August) Locust Projects who will by then have enjoyed their inaugural opening of their new space in the Design District with New York artist Kate Gilmore, will be closed for install. Many will recall last years Hilger Artist Project Award winner Clifton Childree and his site specific exhibition DREAM-CUM-TRUE. This year however, rumor has it that the TM Sister’s exhibition will not even be realized on Locust’s grounds owing to the fact that it may necessitate a swimming pool!

Miami Noir image courtesy of INVISIBLE-EXPORTS, NY.

On Saturday in New York – among many many other really interesting things unrelated to Miami – the highly anticipated exhibition Miami Noir, a group show of Miami-based artists curated by Adriana Farietta opens at INVISIBLE-EXPORTS (14A Orchard Street (between Hester and Canal Street) NY NY 10002). Featuring work by Daniel Arsham, Clifton Childree, COOPER, Naomi Fisher, Jason Hedges, Nicolas Lobo, Gean Moreno, Federico Nessi, Daniel Newman and Matthew Schreiber, the exhibition, Miami’s latest significant mass representation in the wider world, promises to offer up an honest portrait of the city exposing the ugly truths that lurk beneath its thin veneer of glamor and pleasure.

After the opening, beginning at 10pm, a musical force dubbed The Unified Field will come together for the first time at B.East (the basement of Broadway East, 171 East Broadway) for the official after party for Miami Noir. DJ’s Nuit (Miami’s Sarah Freidin), Healer (Miami’s Federico Nessi) and The Whisper (Miami’s Bert Rodriguez) will offer New York City a 6 hour long glimpse into bliss consciousness on the dance floor[.]


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