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The Sunday Video

Regardless of the fact that at no point does the bible make use of Sunday in the context of rest or worship (repeatedly referring instead to the Sabbath as simply “the seventh day”) it has become common for many, particularly those of a protestant persuasion, to do just that. For what our piddling opinion is worth, the Sabbath, whenever you celebrate it, was doubtlessly designed (if at all) as a blessing for the benefit of mankind and not as an oppressive legal yoke. The notion of relaxation in fact speaks volumes to the seldom-acknowledged yet singularly influential fainéant aspect to our largely secular organization. As such, running with a mythologized assumption that at least one day in the working week should be reserved for physical and mental downtime (if not exclusively set aside for pious thanksgiving) we thought it appropriate to venture a video day on which content from the cracking void of the world wide web will serve as proportionate respite form our snarled and often unnecessarily erudite texts. We chose today for no other reason than that defined by toilsome Western schedules. Behold The Sunday Video.

Oliver Laric, Versions, 2009.

Disclaimer: We fully accept that the religious context above, apart from having nothing to do with this video, is tenuous and almost certainly doomed to be construed as nothing more than idle pontification at best (annoying and offensive at worse) due to the fact that since, according to Biblical reckoning, days began with the evening and this post was, as we rightly observe, published this day. In addition, we are at present unaware of any world religion which discourages the act of reading on a certain day – the closest contender being a fiction expressed in the film Stargate (1994) – which was incidentally the first movie ever to have its own official website – in which the citizens of Earth’s sister planet (by virtue of the Stargate) were absolutely banned from writing their Abydonian language by their Goa’uld God (aka Ra).

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  • swampthing

    truth is we humans are not built for work (9-5 mon-fri) but as the vid shows we sure are busy-bodies. we are most happy while slacking, is nothing sacred?

  • poo poo head

    everybody has so many expensive missiles-it s great to see a piece where they are finally put to use

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The Sunday Video