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Cleopatra’s: Trade Secrets Week 2

Christopher Fachini, Cassette Pet, 2009.

Cleopatra’s: Trade Secrets, the current exhibition at John Connelly Presents in New York, is always changing. A daily trade schedule during which work is swapped by artists invited by the collaborative Cleaopatra’s ensures that there is always something new to see. The curatorial premise of this show posits an alternative approach to value systems, gift and free market economy and results in an exhibition that is near impossible to critique in a conventional manner. Documenting this exhibition as only an online publication can (further evidence that art is beginning to out grow the parameters of traditional printed media) we are pleased to present photographs and logs pertaining to the second week of this experimental jaunt, a foray into a perhaps not too distant future characterized by ultimate options.

Prior documentation: Week 1

Continuing documentation:

DAY 9 (4/22/09):

Trade #8:

Christopher Fachini traded Cassette Pet, 2009 (an object consisting of a Chinese take out box and cassette tape) for Project #1, 2009. With this trade the only remaining original piece in the show was replaced.

Installation view at end of Day 9.

Chalk Board at end of Day 9.

Day 10: (4/23/09):

Trade #9

Jeanette Mundt traded painting of room (mantle piece and tile floor) for Cleopatra’s “Untitled” (2009), a piece comprised primarily of a light bulb on a coat hanger.

Jeanette Mundt.

Installation view at end of Day 10.

Chalk board at end of Day 10.

Day 11 (4/24/09):

Trade #10

J. Patrick Walsh traded a staff/walking stick for Petrova Giberson’s text on paper.

J. Patrick Walsh.

Day 12 (4/25/09):

Trade #11

Sahra Motalebi traded cardboard and nail sculpture for Cassette Pet, 2009.

Sahra Motalebi.

Chalk board at end of Day 12.

Day 13 (4/28/09):

Sale #2

Ruslan Trusewych book entitled There Is No Solution (2009)

Installation view part way through of Day 13.

Replenish #2

Iris Benson replenished There Is No Solution (2009) with cardboard San Francisco record.

Iris Benson.

Installation at end of Day 13.

Day 14 (4/29/09):

Trade #12

Noah Sheldon traded some photographs on a shelf for Jeanette Mundt’s painting of room.

Noah Sheldon.

Installation view at end of Day 14.

Chalk board at end of Day 14.

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Cleopatra’s: Trade Secrets Week 2