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Thieves Abscond with Symbols of Three Abrahamic Faiths.

The sculpture that was stolen. Photo courtesy of Swampstyle

As if the suspicious loss of his famous rooster just before Christmas wasn’t enough, Miami fabrication mogul and art scene veteran Oliver Sanchez reported this morning that a sculpture has been stolen:

“Local neighborhood security American police have confirmed that a Styrofoam sculpture was stolen Saturday night shortly after 2:00 am during Gallery Walk night. The monumental artwork was situated on private property opposite artist studios and on display for public viewing. The artwork is comprised of architectural models depicting three houses of worship; a Christian Cathedral, a Judaic Temple and an Islamic Mosque. The artist/sculptor said he was well aware of the risk of damage or theft in placing his work in an empty lot overnight but was more interested to see how the public would react to such vulnerability. Not surprisingly there were many positive comments that night by art enthusiasts that used the now empty site of Design Miami to park their cars to avoid tickets.”

It is a rare occasion in Miami that the seedy underbelly which feeds this fine city vomits its poisonous bile into the arena of the fine arts, but when it does it is normally obscure and scented with a pointless sadness. In reaction to this instance The Artists League of Greater Miami has offered an Award for anyone with information leading to an arrest of the perpetrators.

For the full story please visit Oliver Sanchez’s blog



  • Richard Haden

    I’m glad I got a chance to see it Saturday night before its disappearance. Wow, if only the consequences of those three world religions would disappear as well–then the theft would be complete. It looks to me like someone thought it their business to seize someones property from private property…? Now, if it were a matter of appropriation then the the work would resurface in some sort of other display. If that were the case that would be one thing, but as is probably the case, it is probably siting in some morons back yard or pickup truck with the rest of their dim witted, ill gotten gain…

  • swampthing

    yes, i was throwing it “out there” to confirm that all things are disposable, including religion, that is why they proselytize incessantly, the drop off rate is greater than conversions. if it’s a dumpster they want, i suggest a tow-truck.

  • margallo

    If you want to turn this unhappy incident into an apologetics on religion, you need a serious argument. But following your facile thought pattern if religion would disappear then so would Mother Theresa, the Beatitudes, Eli Wiesel, “love your neighbor as yourself”, Chagall’s biblical series, the “Pieta”, the judeo-christian basis for the U.S. Constitution, etc. etc. etc. Do not confuse the perversions of faith with a silly theft.

  • canefan

    Swampstyle never misses a moment to blur the lines between religion and fanatics! I am looking forward to Obama bring the three tribes together next week, and of course ending the war and why the hell not, lets end world hunger at the same time , it should be as simple as snapping his fingers. Look at it this way, someone is a fanatic of your art, so they resulted to any measures!

  • swampthing

    What else might we do without in the alternate universe you suggest; war in god’s name, jihadists, inquisitions, poverty, persecution, intolerance, supremacists, Terry Shiavo debacle?
    My suggestion is not to revise history or obliterate the past but simply to draw attention to the fact that humans can be ‘perfectly good’ , indeed maybe better of, without organized religion’s heavy handed impositions on the heart and soul. The numbers show that natural law flows toward secular humanism. We would all be well served with a few less fundamentalist fruitcakes in the world. That is my truth, yesterday, today and tomorrow. Peace on earth and good luck to all children, women and you.

  • I was there

    Secular Humanism is a way of thinking and living that aims to bring out the best in people so that all people can have the best in life. Secular humanists reject supernatural and authoritarian beliefs. They affirm that we must take responsibility for our own lives and the communities and world in which we live. Secular humanism emphasizes reason and scientific inquiry, individual freedom and responsibility, human values and compassion, and the need for tolerance and cooperation.

    If you care for something i.e. your sculpture, don’t leave it outside at night. In a perfect Universe perhaps the person who removed it saw it as a Gift and is now enjoying it as it was meant to be. Nothing is permanent. I suggest you make another and place it outside again, if it is taken repeat this action until you find something else to do.

  • I was there

    One sure way to prevent any future sculptures from theft is to paint them with Britto stripes and dots.

    The Buritto Patterning is a natural deterrent.

  • canefan

    “Secular Humanism”, give me a break. Do you see me imposing my religious beliefs on you or any other individuals. We are all aware of your consuming liberal views, but people are tired of hearing your long winded philosophical rhetoric. Peace and love is a great concept, but at the end of the day it will ALWAYS say in God we trust. Get over and continue to make other people’s art and your own.

  • Richard Haden

    Vacated and abandoned churches, synagogues and Mosque make great studios. I love it when the collection plate fails to pay God’s rent / protection. And as far as the slogan: “in God We Trust”…that its own eulogy. And as for Abraham(IK) religions? They are so 1200ish.

  • I was there

    Canefan I impose nothing.
    You seem short on patience and long on criticism.

    Regarding religion and its wonderful influence and origin remember to insightful words of Miami Poet Lionel Goldbart:

    Buddha was Hindu
    Jesus was Jew
    Mohammed was God’s messenger?
    Who the Fuck are YOU?!

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Thieves Abscond with Symbols of Three Abrahamic Faiths.