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Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin Miami Confirms Closure

Farhad Moshiri “Run like hell” 2008. Oil, acrylic and glitter on canvas. 6.6 x 14.9 feet.1/1. Courtesy: Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, Miami & Paris.

The rumors were confirmed today to be true, Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin Miami will close to the public after its current exhibition “The Pig Presents…” ends on January 3rd 2009. Since arriving in 2005 the “French Tornado” Emmanuel Perrotin who wowed the Miami arts community with a luxurious newly renovated space, lavish parties and a host of art stars has made a huge impact, but now all that seems set to change. Many Miami artists represented only by the Miami extension of the French giant face a somewhat uncertain future and there are understandably mixed emotions regarding the wider implications of this news.

Despite the failing economy the gallery’s sales at this year’s Art Basel Miami Beach were good with works by Farhad Moshiri fetching up to 300,000. Last year it was Murakami who saved the gallery with the sale of his Flower Matango. Nevertheless, one abundant week cannot stave the financial hunger of such a prominent gallery all year long and with sales in Miami never quite living up to expectations the South Floridian annex has often relied on support from its flagship in Paris.

But all is perhaps not lost. Projects that have been brewing for sometime now that may one day save the Miami gallery from total closure are finally coming to fruition. Emmanuel Perrotin disclosed recently that he has set up a company to fund art production. Essentially an exciting way of approaching the current market situation, the initiative–dubiously entitled “Artists Dreams”–is funded by a variety of international collectors and promises to enable artists to realize works that otherwise (failing economy or not) would be impossible to produce, although we have yet to see any action.

In the meantime, according to Director Gen Watanabe who is already set to return to New York, the Miami gallery will take what is being dubbed a “sabbatical.” During the next year the skeleton crew that will work behind closed doors will gradually be petered out and although no-one yet knows a final date when the last full time staff member will leave it is expected to be soon and absolute. As it stands, the gallery will for all intents and purposes be dormant for the remainder of 2009, reopening only for an exhibition during the next Art Basel Miami Beach.


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Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin Miami Confirms Closure