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Canario: A light show at a former marijuana grow house

Image of the visual projection for Canario

Last night a small collaboration involving a light show and a musical performance occurred at an abandoned grow house in Homestead, which had operated until recently under the pretense of a canary farm called Canario.

At dusk, an intimate crowd gathered in the overgrown garden surrounding the façade of the house; a squat, single level domicile whose yellowish walls and taped windows would have appeared nothing out of the ordinary save for the suspect associations concerning its prior function—the production of marijuana.

Inside the house today – the space was gutted to maximize marijuana production.

At 6pm sharp approximately 10 minutes of psychedelic visuals were projected onto the house accompanied by live sound comprising of percussion, a keyboard, a guitar, a Theremin, and vocals. The visuals, a sequence of over-layered footage from inside the house, were distorted almost beyond recognition by virtue of textures and rhythmic patterning.  Incidentally all projectors and musical equipment used was set up on blue plastic tubs from inside the house that were originally employed as receptacles for the plants.

Tubs and various electronic junk used to grow marijuana.

The whole event lasted no more than twenty-five minutes from set up to break down and few chanced to make it—the only notification being a short “what, when and where” e-mail sent out just hours before.

Video sample of Canario.

In contrast to much of South Florida’s gallery-based conceptual works the site-specific nature of the show and its simple but tight conceptual reference evidenced the rich potential of South Florida as a valuable locus for geographically unique cultural production. And of the South Floridian arts community, the event spoke to the returning thrust to exonerate the recent obsession with commercial work in favor of something more spontaneous, expressive and even accidentally guerrilla [.]




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Canario: A light show at a former marijuana grow house