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ARTLURKER Photoblog: The Wanker’s Ball

The Wanker’s Ball, 2008. An installation by The YUM YUM Factory for Fountain 2008

“The attached image is an installation…complete with a dancer. “The Wanker’s Ball” I saw this installation at a small fair called Fountain by a group from Brooklyn called The YUM YUM Factory, a small independent group of underground guerrilla installation artists led by Greg Haberny. Their installations are generally works of radical spontaneity that are a distorted reflection of contemporary society. The installation for Fountain Miami was entitled The Wanker’s Ball.”

Photoblog submission gratefully received from Richard Haden

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  • Richard Haden

    The fire Marshal is a coincidence and he seems a bit distracted from his job. The Fire Marshals were out in force especially in the smaller venues like Fountain. The Fountain was over on NE 2nd the last couple of years, but the fire Marshals made their performances and installations difficult…so they moved over to Miami ave and 25th.

  • swampthing

    indeed, the bordellobodega was frequented more than once by our congenial first responders. i had a big red extinguisher on the ready, to bop the unruly if needed. Not too many metermaids about, guess they were given the stand-down. wonder what the blotter reads like for artweek.

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ARTLURKER Photoblog: The Wanker’s Ball