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ARTLURKER Photoblog: Remade Ready-Made 3 (Pissoir)

Ivan Moudov, Remade Ready-Made 3 (Pissoir)

“A piece from Pulse by Ivan Moudov entitled Remade Ready-Made 3 (Pissoir). I saw it at Gallery Ernst Hilger’s booth. It tries to undo Duchamp’s RMUT Pissoir Ready-Made.”

Photoblog submission gratefully received from Richard Haden

ARTLURKER is now running photo submissions. If you have an image of something that you feel was a highlight of this year’s Art Basel Miami Beach events please send it in an e-mail to mail(at) together with a caption, your name and anything you want us to hyperlink to.



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ARTLURKER Photoblog: Remade Ready-Made 3 (Pissoir)