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ARTLURKER Photoblog: NOMAD on Miami

From left to right: Bhakti Baxter (artist), Claire Breukel (Director of Locust Projects), Jim Drain (artist), Naomi Fisher (artist), Jason Hedges (artist), Ruba Katrib (Assistant Curator at MOCA North Miami), Nicolas Lobo (artist), Scott Murray (Owner of Twenty Twenty Projects), Bert Rodrigiez (artist), Craig Robins (Real-estate magnate and collector), Cristina Lei Rodriguez (artist), Oliver Sanchez (artist).

Images courtesy of Fuyumi Namikoa, Co-Editor in Chief of NOMAD Paper:

NOMAD is a cutting-edge city guide about contemporary culture and people distributed by creative partners worldwide. Breaking away from the format of generic guide books, NOMAD offers a direct grip on the contemporary face of a city. Having produced a wealth of online and printed material focusing on contemporary culture in cities such as Basel, Zurich, Milan and Tokyo, NOMAD are now focusing their attentions on Miami.

With the assistance of ARTLURKER a map was created and distributed during this years ABMB and plans are in motion to publish a weighty printed guide to Miami. Aiming to offer outsiders a sharp view of the cities current developments in all creative fields, the guide will be launched at Art Basel (Switzerland) in June of next year. In the meantime, NOMAD having visited a broad cross section of the Miami’s arts community, are working on a series of in depth POD CASTS, the fruits of which will be published to coincide with the launch of the guide beginning summer 2009.

“Travelers ordinarily have only the glasses they have brought with them
from their own country to use for observation and entirely neglect to have
their glasses recut in the country where they are going”.
The father of ethnography – tireless traveler Jan Potocki (1761 – 1815)


With apologies, ARTLURKER is no longer running photo submissions. Thank you so much for all your entries, sadly time and space meant that we could not show them all, but we appreciated the effort nonetheless. ARTLURKER will now resume its regular posting schedule. Thank you all for reading. Regards, Team ARTLURKER.


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ARTLURKER Photoblog: NOMAD on Miami