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Break-in at Sweat Records

For those of you who live outside of Miami and/or haven’t already heard, Sweat Records, arguably Miami’s best independent indie music store, was broken into and unsurreptitiously vandalized yesterday.

The bastards who breached the alternative Miami hang-out stole computers, music equipment and artwork amounting to over 15,000 dollars. Food, magazines and music stocks were thankfully largely untouched, however the famous aquarium by local ecological creatives Coralmorpholoic was tragically destroyed- pushed over it crashed to the floor. The guys at Coralmorphologic are currently working around the clock to salvage as much life as possible but it is a difficult task owing to the fragility of the specimens.

This sad news also comes on a day in which Wall Street suffered a crash of its own; losing of two of its longest standing financial institutions: Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. and Merrill Lynch & Co. — truly a regrettable day.

It is not yet known who is responsible for the crime but whomever it was had an eye for contemporary art as works by Miami artists Federico Nessi and David LeBatard (aka LEBO), and NY photographer Tom LeGoff were taken. To our knowledge there isn’t much demand on the black market for emerging contemporary artists, however, the works are presumably stowed in a garage somewhere awaiting the next chapter in their recent and unfortunate fates.

Owners Lauren Reskin (aka Lolo) and Jason Jimenez are working hard to get the hallowed venue up and running as soon as possible.

We’re just trying not to think about it too much at the moment” said Lauren. “It has been a heartbreaking 24 hours for us over here but if you know one thing about Sweat Records, it’s that we don’t give up. Hurricanes can’t keep us down, so we’ll get through this too.”

An e-mail blast will go out later today announcing temporary closure and sporadic hours. For anyone visiting Miami over the next few weeks that doesn’t get a chance to see the famous hot spot in its former glory please visit:

Since Sweat Records are currently projector-less, this week’s Music Movie Monday is postponed; however, Tuesday night’s show will go on! With a borrowed mic and amp their brand-new comedy night – CASA DE HA-HA – will debut as planned with a great variety of local and professional comedians lined up. And happily the thieves left the espresso machine and the microwave so drinks, popcorn and treats will be available.

The offers of donations and time have already been overwhelming however, every little helps. If you feel moved to contribute toward the recovery (and future improvement of their security system, among other things) they have a paypal account under this address – and there’s also a button for donations on their myspace page and website.


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  • I was there

    This seems like a totally stupid and pointless break in.
    I curse the malcontents responsible for this heinous gesture.

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Break-in at Sweat Records