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Matthew Higgs: ART IS TO ENJOY. A review by St. Pierre and Miquelon

Matthew Higgs: ART IS TO ENJOY. Wilkinson Gallery, Vyner Street, London, E2.

04 July – 10 August

“Higgs’ work – which invariably takes the form of framed book pages, framed book covers and photographs of books – might productively be thought of as a form of ‘found conceptual art’. For more than 12 years, Higgs has worked within these self-consciously defined – but almost infinite – parameters. Rooted in countless hours spent in second-hand bookshops, Higgs’ re-contextualization of existing printed matter seeks to consider questions of authorship, uniqueness, labor (or lack thereof), vandalism, linguistics, typography, design (and its relationship with late-modernist abstraction), amongst other things. Often making direct reference to the condition – and reception – of art, Higgs’ ongoing project formally acknowledges the presence and role of the viewer, while simultaneously addressing the physical reality of the art object. The exhibition’s title is derived from the 1965 book ‘ART IS TO ENJOY’ by Donald Walton.”

Explanation: The images below serve as a critical review as they bring new understanding to Higgs’ exhibition by presenting additional pages from the book ‘ART IS TO ENJOY’. The extract from the press release above serves merely to contextualize the ‘images as review’ to communicate the potentially challenging act of a review adding to an exhibition, rather than simply playing the role of messenger. The photocopies of ‘ART IS TO BE ENJOYED’  presented below are not part of Higgs’ exhibition, they are of the critics own finding from a copy of the book researched at the British Library.

“Higgs is currently the Director and Chief Curator of White Columns, New York, where he has organized more than 125 individual exhibitions and projects in the past three years. A widely published writer and regular contributor to Artforum Magazine, Higgs has recently contributed to publications for artists John McCraken, John Baldessari, Dave Muller, Ken Price, Ian Kiaer, Sara McKillp and Kay Rosen, among others.”

This review was contributed to ARTLURKER by St. Pierre and Miquelon.

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Matthew Higgs: ART IS TO ENJOY. A review by St. Pierre and Miquelon