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The Last Tuesday Society

Feast of the Dead A Halloween Ball, Photo credit: Parker McMillan

The Last Tuesday Society is a pataphysical organization founded by William James at Harvard in the 1870s and presently run by The Chancellor, Mr.Viktor Wynd with the aid of The Fellows of The Society. It is devoted to exploring and furthering the esoteric, literary and artistic aspects of life in London and beyond.

“Decadence comes from the Latin word cadere – which means to fall. It is the beautiful way to fall. It’s a very slow movement which has lots of beauty. It can be a kind of self-killing in a beautiful way, a tragic way” – Viktor Wynd.

Viktor Wynd at Feast of the Dead A Halloween Ball. Photo credit: Parker McMillan

Hosting a number of annual events throughout London, The Last Tuesday Society put their own unique spin on Valentines Day, Halloween and New Year parties together with other more impromptu events such as The Last Gasp Ball, a ball to commemorate the enforcement of the English public smoking ban.

Among their regular repertoire are:

Hendrick’s Salon – a monthly meeting where eminent fellows of the society give address. The talks are accompanied with either a nine course dinner at the Café Royal, a lavish tea on a specially laid lawn at 43 South Molton or a dinner taken from The Alice B.Toklas Cookbook at The Whitechapel, followed by life Jazz from the society’s house quartet.

Loss; an Evening of Exquisite Misery, The London Pigeon Fanciers Association (Deceased), WC2. Photo credit: Todd Hart

Hendricks Quarterly Séance – With the slogan “Why let death get in the way of a good conversation” this is The Last Tuesday Society’s endeavors to lure to it’s luminaries from the past, such as Aristotle, Oscar Wilde, Elvis and many others with the aid of Margot Forbes.

Loss; an Evening of Exquisite Misery, The London Pigeon Fanciers Association (Deceased), WC2. Photo credit: Todd Hart

Loss; An Evening of Exquisite Misery – held on Valentines day in the 17th century vaulted wine cellars of Regent Street club Hedges & Butler, which is transformed with crushed velvet, candles, piles of (ever so slightly) rotting fruit and vegetables, decaying Victorian taxidermy, dead butterflies and dying flowers into a reinterpretation of Gunter Grass’s 1940’s fictional nightclub The Onion Cellar from the Tin Drum with the addition of specially made tear shaped chopping boards and piles of onions for the guests to chop and cry, and cry whilst the saddest most tragic of London’s performers keep them company.

Constance Wyndham & David Piper, Feast of the Dead A Halloween Ball, Photo credit: Parker McMillan

“An achievement in art or in letters grows more interesting when we begin to perceive it’s connections; and indeed it maybe said that the study of connections is the recognized function of intelligent criticism” – Henry James

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  • Richard_haden

    Pataphysics: Alfred Jarry, a wonderful parody of all…
    Asker Jorn of the “Situationist” tried to say it was dead…apparently his statement was surreal and not reality

  • david Rohn

    Visited the site-and thank you -if we re going down can t we at least do it in style?
    And the quote (loosley) All are queer except you and I … and you it seems to me are a bit queer too’-(Beerbohn?)
    -a great reminder that style (which we seem to have so little of) is worth more than money(which we seem to care so much aboout). and that money can t buy style-in fact it looks like mmoney is about investment, style would have to be about love and passion.

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