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St.Pierre & Miquelon – SEXYMACHiNERY ISSUE A: Super Replica

In November 2007 the medium Angela Patel gave the name St. Pierre & Miquelon to represent the collective works of Simon Elvins, Julie Hill & Tom Mower. Their previous projects – which now fall under the name St. Pierre & Miquelon – have taken the form of books, workshops, exhibitions and individual commissions.

In June of last year the world was invited to witness the demise of Sexymachinery, the group’s 7 year long architectural production from London, Copenhagen and Baden-Baden that celebrated the position of architecture in all aspects of cultural production and personal desire. The occasion was called Sexymachinery 13 – The End, and took the form of a conference at Serpentine Gallery; a series of live interventions to mark the final episode of the ‘Sexymachinery’ project.

It came as some surprise then, that Sexymachinery Issue A: Super Replica launched recently at the Permanent Gallery in Brighton.

Installation view at the Permanent Gallery & Bookshop, Brighton, May 2008. Each table shows a different offer that the magazine is available under.Tables designed by Damien Good.

This new edition to the projects history is a printed publication; exhibited as an installation in response to the magazine’s content. Limited to an edition of 200 copies it is essentially a bootleg about bootlegging that brings together a variety of contributions from the creative industries who divulge through their work their views on copyright, open source software, policing the internet, plagiarism, free culture other subjects from the wider custom of copying in general. Fashion designers, illustrators, artists and writers have contributed fragrances, recipes, adverts, stolen films, essays, and comic strips. What is given is a rounded discussion of copyright and how it affects us all, for better or worse.

The magazine is available under the following offers which aim to represent a market economy:

1. RRP- £5

2. 2 for £8

3. Swap (interested parties are encouraged to email the artists with their offer)

4. Free PDF (an interesting option as you lose all color, crops and the presence of the physical object).

5. Special Edition – £6 (contains an extra article which covers a new angle on copyright and cloning)

6. Reduced to clear (these feature unique human errors such as missing articles, printing/cropping mistakes etc – packs are priced individually according to the severity of the mistakes inside).

Regarding the offers the group states: “The idea was to present them similarly to the different ways that economic exchange can be made in our present economy and outside it – for example the offers we would ordinarily find in the supermarket, ‘special offer’, ‘reduced to clear’ etc. Whereas things like ‘swap’ and ‘free pdf’ being relevant to the idea of a free culture and different economic models outside of what capitalism offers.”

The magazine will be featured at this years Published & Be Damned festival [1], London, this summer. To purchase a copy under one of the special offers or for a free PDF is available visit the St.Pierre & Miquelon website.

[1]. Surveying an abundance of independent publications, Publish and Be Damned demonstrates individual approaches to making and distributing the work of artists, writers and musicians outside of the commercial mainstream through magazine fairs, a touring archive and occasional events.


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St.Pierre & Miquelon – SEXYMACHiNERY ISSUE A: Super Replica