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Wynwood’s 2nd Saturday Art Walk Listings – June 2008

Wynwood’s 2nd Saturday Art Walk. Photo credit: Alex De Carvalho

Providing the whole night isn’t completely washed out by a storm, tonight’s 2nd Saturday Wynwood Art walk looks set to be a little thin on the ground. With the season sadly coming to a close and Perrotin’s bizarre if not somewhat inconsiderate decision to open Martin Oppel’s solo show on May 31st, there is little new to be seen. Many galleries who lacked scheduling have seemingly shut up shop apart perhaps for Spinello Gallery which is trucking on with an encore reception of their hugely successful solo show “In Between Places” by Miami based photographer Lee Materazzi – definitely worth a look in if you didn’t catch it the first time around.

Nevertheless, anyone stuck for where to go and what to see need not despair or search the side of a Pillsbury dough tube for answers like the guys above because MAP magazine – in their infantile wisdom – have produced this nice, user friendly (if not a little scant) guide:

For more in depth information please visit the gallery links below and to the right —————————————————————————–>

Our personal haunts tonight will be David Castillo’s group show “Gallery Projects”, “But We Look So Good In Our Uniforms” by Bridget Baker at Gallery Diet, and Fredric Snitzer’s mildly intriguing, phonetically titled group show “(i-murj-d)”. Next door to Snitzer will of course be MAP magazine’s Wynwood Lounge; an oasis of calm in the bustle of brash commotion where free Cafe Bustelo coffee will be on hand to anyone who isn’t dragging out the last week of their pre-summer detox.

Enjoy, the team at ARTLURKER

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Wynwood’s 2nd Saturday Art Walk Listings – June 2008