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Featured Miami Artist Federico Nessi

Federico Nessi works mainly in video and photography. His staged scenarios in which models and environments interact with trancelike poise use visual metaphors that depict various struggles to attain self-realization. Through stylized use of light, cinematography and post production editing, Nessi conveys a mixture of vulnerability, tenderness and masochistic violence that comments upon both the fragility and the strength of the human mind and encourages self reflection.

Like a lot of art, his images are essentially lifeless appropriations of actions or events that through association are capable of reproducing a full regeneration of abstract emotion. This magical ability to bring to life one’s cerebral senses is not by any means rare but somehow, unlike a lot of art, Nessi’s ventures stimulate audiences in a way that provides also for the acceptance of that emotion – essentially empathy – which we suppose is the essence of good communication.

In April this year Nessi produced ‘WIREWIREWIRE’ (press release). Sponsored by Sweat Records the event which was exhibited at Miami Light Project included three performances orchestrated by Nessi: ‘PARRUCA’ – a raw and relentless contemporary dance performance by Ana Mendez; Nessi’s title piece; and a special musical presentation by the band Electric Bunnies.

His personal contribution to the evening, in which an audio track and a live performance accompanied a three-channel video projection, explored emotional hierarchies through the expression of behavioral tendencies and conversational aspects of day-to-day life. An appearance by Nessi who wailed a surprisingly tuneful and competent vocal narrative in front of a sheet of mirrored fabric galvanized the performance’s sense of tortured self-realization. Bedecked with rope lights (a sculptural installation) and blustered by the wind from an industrial stage fan, the whole piece was eerily rooting.

Despite lacking conceptual depth or perhaps a healthy sense of irony – which is not necessarily a bad thing – Nessi’s work definitely has significant aesthetic appeal. In addition, the musical elements that we saw evident in his wirewirewire performance (a collaboration between Nessi and Miami based musician Alex Senf) are equally worthy of note and these, when combined with his theatrical showmanship and the atmosphere of personal involvement his work so adeptly creates make for very approachable and enjoyable art.

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Federico Nessi graduated with a B.F.A from the Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, in 2005. He has since participated in number group shows including the 2006 Oregon Biennial at Portland Art Museum and enjoyed solo exhibitions in Miami with Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts and Bas-Fisher Invitational. A dean’s list graduate and recipient of his college’s Photography Department Award, he now lives and works in Miami where he is represented by Spinello Gallery. A popular choice for emotive portraiture, Nessi’s work was featured in m.a.p magazine’s annual collector’s edition, 2008.

Nessi’s next solo show is scheduled to open at Spinello Gallery on September 13th, 2008.

For more information on this gallery please visit:

To view part of the WIREWIREWIRE performance please go here.

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Featured Miami Artist Federico Nessi