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Alexandra Kuechenberg joins ARTLURKER in Le Salon Des Beaux-Bains

Legal, 2008. Colored pencil on paper, 1/1

Alexandra Kuechenberg is a Miami/LA based conceptual artist whose work takes the form of photography, video, painting, sculpture and drawing. During Art Basel Miami Beach 2006 she coordinated MODUS R, a high profile exhibition of Russian contemporary art sponsored by the Guggenheim. Today she is the studio manager of Schreiber Studios – the studios of Miami based laser-artist Matthew Schreiber – where she works closely with art-legend James Turrell. Surrounded by light and immersed in research into the likes of Robert Irwin and Larry Bell her own work by contrast draws inspiration from theorists such as Jean Baudrillard, Nietzsche, and Camus, with the exception of artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, Marcel Duchamp, Yves Klein, and the Viennese Actionists. A passionate writer, Alexandra Kuechenberg’s art is often an elegant fusion of intellect, satire, and technical know-how. As a story it has a weird uncertain ending. One feels as though intensely burdened by some crippling fact with no means to adjust. Often brain bendingly unexpected you are left feeling a little helpless, but happy. However, despite being undeniably playful there remains to be a disquieting element – a sense that the control we think we have over objects and impulses could at any moment slip from our hands; that the world could change, twist, and in an instant devour all semblance of normality in itself.

Showers or baths?

I am typically a bath person but since I moved house I have taken only showers.

Did you smoke in the bath?

I used to.

Do you still smoke now?


But not in the shower?


Anything else?

I used to smoke, books, candles.

Lights off?


Scented oils?

No. Soaps.





I see. At what time of day do you typically shower?

At night.

So you’re a night bather?

Yes, I am trying to switch to mornings.

Because it’s nice to live in the light? Because sunlight is healing?

I guess, but mainly for my routine. And because night leaves that layer of scum on your skin.

If you had a bidet would you use it?

Yeah. I used to have one growing up.

Do you regard bathing as important to the production of work?

These days as much as any other annoying chore I have to do – like dishes or laundry. I hardly have time for anything, it’s out of necessity.

So you’re an infrequent bather?

I normally shower about once a day.

At night.


But you want to switch to morning.

Yes. And I wash my hair twice a week and I shave about once a week.


Clearly a motivated individual, perhaps to the point of distraction, Alexandra Kuechenberg prefers non-representation. In fact, despite our proliferation of potential venues this focused yet hither-to veiled artist does not exhibit in Miami; opting instead to develop her oeuvre in private – perhaps resistant to the attention that her name affords. However, as an artist who utilizes a number of mediums and astutely challenges current states of perception, she would surely be a welcome addition to our flock. Please post your encouraging comments below and perhaps collectively we can pursuade this fledgling early-riser to get up on a wall somewhere.

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Alexandra Kuechenberg joins ARTLURKER in Le Salon Des Beaux-Bains