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Le Salon Des Beaux-Bains – Miami artists dish their dirt on getting clean

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The bathtub, is it a paradigm of civilized society or just an expensive waste of time?

Classically celebrated by the Greeks and Romans, the act of bathing thrives today in many forms. Either publically or in domestic seclusion, millions of people the world over cherish this act and rely on the time it takes for relaxation, reflection and healing. For many human beings from all walks of life and geographic regions, whether bedecked with all splendors or in relative squalor struggling to barely meet the basic prerequisites of water and a tub, bathing is an integral part of their daily routine and fundamental to their understanding of what it means to be clean.

However, for many different reasons, there are those who refute this wallowing and prefer to spend as little time as possible maintaining their bodily hygiene. Doing perhaps just as good a job in well under a third of the time and for a fraction of the cost, the shower stall, in the period of just a few generations, can proudly boast its evolution from a subservient faucet adaption to an institution all to its own.

Have these two very different solutions to our common problem and the seeming lack of another adequate method divided us? Already consumed with lifestyle standards issues such as cats Vs dogs and more recently electric Vs manual toothbrush, our society is increasingly partisan; defining itself into groups of individuals that not only share consumer traits and steadfast ideals but who also shun and damn those who differ from their model means. How does the way that we bathe affect the way that we are? Or the way that we are affect the way that we bathe? And in the case of those who make art, could bathing perhaps be the key to finally deciphering something like ‘breeds’; a broadly applicable denominator to precede medium or genre?

Most likely not, nevertheless, beginning Monday we will bring you exclusive, weekly insights into the behavior of artists as we dissect the importance of bathing in their lives. By determining their preference and learning what makes them tick we hope to develop a pseudo-scientific method of identifying delineating trends in their work whose origins could be said to be habitual.

The first artist to be joining ARTLURKER in Le Salon Des Beaux-Bains will be Miami based photographer Lee Materazzi.

Disclaimer: The team at ARTLURKER collectively have absolutely no experience of, or qualifications in psychology, as such any conclusions that are drawn during the course of these investigations will be non corroborative and almost certain to hold little-to-no water if subjected to professional cross referencing.


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Le Salon Des Beaux-Bains – Miami artists dish their dirt on getting clean